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high-DRO® Water Systems
Tough, reliable tanks for safe water storage

Water scarcity is a mounting national and worldwide problem. In many regions, water demand has exceeded the reliable supply of surface and renewable groundwater for years. Efforts to conserve water and make better use of rainwater and effluent wastewater have increased dramatically in recent years. The new emphasis on controlling water usage has influenced the building and design industries to develop innovative methods of water conservation. The U.S. Green Building Council has established the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system to help promote buildings that are environmentally responsible.

Our steel High-Dro® Water Storage Tanks and ASME Pressure Vessels can be incorporated into a new or existing building’s design to qualify for valuable LEED credits for water or energy efficiency. We can also provide turnkey rainwater harvesting or greywater recycling systems.

The High-LINK® Integrated Systems couples Highland Tank’s superior steel tank products with state-of-the-art electronic management devices and proprietary software to provide real-time data to decision-makers. With our High-LINK® applications you will have the power to optimize the usage and transfer of all your liquid operations. Learn more here.

High-DRO® Rainwater Harvesting Systems

High-DRO® Pure Rainwater Harvesting Systems collect, store and reuse rainwater. The High-DRO®-Pure system produces a sustainable and reliable alternative water source that helps reduce stormwater runoff and dependence on domestic water. They can help earn valuable Water Efficiency LEED credits. Our Rainwater Collection Tanks score additional points for Materials and Resources credits.

The complete, packaged system consists of – a Flush Filter, Rainwater Collection Tank, Submersible Feed Pumps with Floating Suction, Advanced Water Filtration/Disinfection System, Day Tank and Booster Pump(s) with Controls.

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High-DRO® Clear Greywater Recycling Systems

High-DRO® Clear Greywater Recycling Systems treat and store greywater for reuse in a wide range of non-potable water applications. They are engineered for site-specific applications as compact aboveground or underground designs that utilize coated-carbon or stainless-steel storage and conveyance elements. These systems provide users a reliable source of recycled water for irrigation and other secondary applications and a fundamental solution to many ecological problems resulting from expanding populations and depleted water resources.

Rainwater Harvesting Video

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