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high-LINK® integrated systems

optimize your business operations with High-LINK®

High-LINK® Integrated Systems couple superior steel tank products with state-of-the-art electronic management devices and proprietary software providing real-time data to optimize usage and transfer of any liquid operation. Fleet managers, fuel suppliers, facility managers, or any decision maker responsible for the transportation, storage, or processing of a variety of liquids can benefit from the applications of our High-LINK® Integrated Systems.

fuel inventory & dispensing

High-LINK® provides very accurate inventory management. Wireless or wired sensors monitor fuel, oils, chemicals, or any other liquids in real time.

  • Fully customizable alarms alert for high level, low level or water presence.
  • Continuous real-time level readings provide detailed statistics of fuel consumption.
  • Physical verification of fuel delivered vs purchased with simple to use accurate reports.
  • Automated fuel ordering process with seamless integration to any fuel vendor.
  • Secure and convenient multi-user web dashboard platform provides full visibility
    of your operation from any site, at any time, from anywhere.

fuel inventory
Accurate automated inventory management system | more info

fuel dispensing
Wireless automated fuel management system for mechanical or digital dispensers | more info

universal fueling systems
High-LINK® technology coupled with mobile tanks to provide safe and secure fuel dispensing in challenging environments| more info

Video system that uses web-enabled technology to record in high definition and stream live video on the High-LINK® platform | more info

fleet monitoring

High-LINK® offers a system to retrieve ECM and diagnostic data in real time and transmits it over GPRS or stores it for later analysis. GPS tracking is available for route planning, vehicle geofencing, and location verification. The Point One vehicle system is key to achieve accurate analysis of fuel consumption, vehicle performance, and driver performance.  Standard and customizable reporting is available. Point One interfaces with ERP, accounting, or maintenance software to improve driver behavior while decreasing vehicle breakdowns and down time.

Monitors asset location and activity to improve operation efficiency and reduce operating costs | more info

point one
Retrieves ECM and diagnostic data | more info

Mobile video system that uses cellular technology to to record in high definition and stream live video on the High-LINK® platform | more info

grease monitoring systems

Our engineering team is researching and developing High-LINK® to provide data for automatic and passive grease interceptors through multiple points of monitoring. This can include FOG levels, water levels, disk rotation, pH levels, and other preventative maintenance tools.

automatic grease interceptor
Site-specific parameters provide the user with control over each system’s operation and maintenance |

passive grease interceptor
Can verify cleaning and prevent tampering |

oil/water separator monitoring systems

Wastewater treatment systems require different types of monitoring. Our engineering team is researching and developing the High-LINK® systems to aid in predictive maintenance, troubleshooting, flow monitoring, and event monitoring. Save time and costly field service calls with remote troubleshooting.

oil/water separator
Real time effluent quality monitoring, automatically sends alerts to waste hauler when system is ready to reach capacity |

advanced filtration systems
Seamless integration of data from control or alarm into High-LINK® software for active monitoring and analysis |

water monitoring systems

Rainwater systems are designed to collect, store, and reuse rainwater. Our engineering team is researching and developing ways for High-LINK® to assist in complete water system management. By monitoring the many components designed to recycle the water for non-potable use, High-LINK® provides cost savings, predictive maintenance, real-time monitoring, and peace of mind to ensure the rainwater system is always operating efficiently.

water systems
Minimize potential for poor performance, maximize system life, and enhance factory warranty | more info

water storage
Monitor water levels and quality with the High-LINK® management system | more info