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Real-time electronic monitoring of fuel, fleet and facility operations

Giving decision makers the information they need ~ at their fingertips

High-LINK® is cloud-based monitoring and management software that provides in-depth views of day-to-day operations. It includes predictive maintenance tools, extensive alerting capabilities and automated, customizable reporting features that help you keep an eye on daily operations, from anywhere, at any time, on any device.

High-LINK® Fuel Shield Video

High-LINK® Fuel Shield Video

manage fuel inventory & dispensing

Control all fuel dispensing and inventory monitoring remotely – in real time. High-LINK®‘s easy to use, cloud-based, multi-user dashboard provides a secure and comprehensive view of your operations, from any device.

Explore our turnkey Fuel Dispensing Systems with integrated High-LINK technology.


FuelShield is an automated, cloud-based monitoring/management system that controls fueling transactions at stationary or mobile installations of retail and commercial fueling sites.

  • Authorizes vehicles, equipment and operator fuel dispensing
  • Eliminates fraud and fueling errors
  • Reduces maintenance cost with predictive maintenance
  • Optimizes fuel consumption
  • Operates both mechanical and digital pumps

more info  |  FuelShield Video

Available on both Pedestal and MINI versions. Includes LevelShield automated fuel inventory monitoring management system  more info on pedestal  |  more info on MINI

Operates as a remote terminal connected to master unit  |  more info

Universal Fueling Systems
High-LINK® tank system ideal for safe and secure fuel dispensing in challenging environments  more info | 3D view

High-LINK® Universal Fueling Systems

Authentication Devices
FuelShield’s secure fuel dispensing system requires human and vehicle identification prior to beginning any fuel pumping or transfer. These measures prevent unauthorized fuel dispensing. A variety of identification methods are available and can be combined to provide the desired level of security.  |  more info


LevelShield is an automated fuel inventory monitoring/management system that employs magnetostrictive sensing to eliminate human intervention when monitoring stored liquids. Liquid level, water detection and temperature data are captured by a single probe and can be monitored continuously via the easy-to-use dashboard.

  • Analyzes data in real time
  • Manages liquid levels from anywhere
  • Optimizes effective level management
  • Detects any water presence in tanks
  • Provides purchase/delivery verification comparison

more info  |  LevelShield Video

LevelShield – Series P
Geared toward liquid level inventory – includes fuel, water and temperature monitoring – for fleets, private fueling, lubes, and more  |  more info

LevelShield – Series G
Geared toward bulk facilities for chemical storage, bulk fuel storage, or other liquids, or solids storage  |  more info

manage fleet operations

The High-LINK® fleet management system provides cloud-based, real time monitoring of fleet logistics and maintenance

  • Monitors asset location and activity
  • Provides GPS tracking for route planning, vehicle geofencing and location verification
  • Provides data for fuel consumption and vehicle / driver performance analysis
  • Retrieves ECM and diagnostic data
  • Transmits data in real time or stores if for later analysis
  • Records and streams hi-definition mobile video

Fleet monitoring modules

Monitors asset location and activity to improve operation efficiency and reduce operating costs  |  more info

Retrieves ECM and diagnostic data  |  more info

manage grease removal systems

The High-LINK® grease monitoring system safeguards operations and supports preventative maintenance by tracking levels of fats, solids, grease, oils, and water pH in both passive and automatic grease interceptors – providing real time data, accessible anywhere.

  • Verifies cleaning
  • Monitors disk rotation
  • Prevents tampering
  • Supports preventive maintenance
  • Monitors pH levels
  • Includes site-specific customization features

FOG Monitoring
Collect, analyze, and process data for predictive maintenance |  more info

manage oil/water separator systems

The High-LINK® wastewater monitoring system keeps your operation running smoothly and efficiently.

  • Provides remote, real time cloud-based monitoring of system
  • Sends automatic alerts to waste haulers when reaching capacity
  • Monitors liquid levels and effluent quality
  • Prevents costly service with predictive maintenance tools
  • Alerts personnel of activity & alarms via email

Wastewater Monitoring
The High-LINK LevelShield Series WL is designed to continuously monitor water and oil levels | more info


The High-LINK LevelShield Series WC is a comprehensive oil/water separator system management tool | more info

manage water harvesting systems

The High-LINK® water monitoring system helps you know that your rainwater harvesting system is always operating efficiently – giving you peace of mind.

  • Provides cloud-based, real time monitoring of rainwater collection, storage and reuse
  • Monitors water levels and quality
  • Ensures optimal performance
  • Maximizes system life
  • Reduces operating costs and down-time with predictive maintenance tools

Water Monitoring Components

Minimize potential for performance loss, maximize system life, and enhance factory warranty   |  more info

Water Storage
Monitor water levels and quality with the High-LINK® management platform |  more info