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Turnkey Fuel Systems for Secure & Efficient Fueling

Highland Tank has carefully crafted nine prepackaged fuel systems to suit the needs of any size fueling operation. Every system is designed to be delivered completely assembled to the site, including all plumbing, wiring, and accessory mounting. Our designs also…

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Remote Pump Out for Passive Grease Interceptors

Highland Tank offers large volume grease interceptors for undergound and aboveground applications. We also can provide a variety of options, including monitors to alert facility of required maintenance, vapor sealed covers, lift stations, and remote pump-out options. Available space, ease…

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Chlorine Contact Tank: How It Works

Chlorine is the primary disinfectant used across the United States for surface water and ground water systems. Chlorination is the addition of chlorine (CI₂) to water to form hypochlorous acid (HOCI). Benefits of chlorination include strong oxidizing powers, taste and…

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