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Storage Tanks & Systems for Critical Facilities

In our first podcast, we take a look at different tank applications in an urban hospital setting. Critical facilities, like hospitals, have a need for redundant liquid storage systems to provide clean water, electricity, and heat to combat dangerous interruptions…

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Help Prevent SSOs By Using Grease Interceptors

When the sewer system, which conveys the wastewater, including human waste overflows, his even is known as a sanitary sewer overflow (SSO). The EPA's report to Congress on sanitary sewer overflows identified that grease is the most common cause of…

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Fireguard Tanks: Versatile & Safe Fuel Storage

Fireguards are aboveground thermally protected, double-wall steel storage tanks used for the safe storage of motor fuels and other flammable and combustible liquids. In addition to the safety features of the Fireguard, our made-to-order tanks provide solutions for unique applications.…

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Wastewater Treatment Project at Power Facility

Highland Tank in Stoystown recently shipped a 550 gallon HTC-G-TF singlewall oil/water separator and two 40,000 gallon HTC-G singlewall oil/water separators to a power transformer repair facility. The tanks will assist this facility with a permanent solution to their stormwater…

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