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Propane Vessels For Commercial Applications

In many rural areas, public utilities are not available, and natural gas is not an option for schools, assisted living facilities, and other public facilities. In these cases, propane can be used to provide energy-efficient space heating, water heating, cooking,…

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Developing Auxiliary Water Storage Systems

Buildings like schools, hospitals, data centers and other institutional facilities need a reliable and redundant water supply. Highland Tank's HighDRO storage systems have become a vital component of any distribution system. Highland Tanks are becoming a critical element in providing…

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Extensive Specification Library

Highland Tank proudly offers a complete library of specifications for our products. The specs are designed to assist the engineering community in their commercial and institutional projects. Read more here.  

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Solids Control Unit for Stormwater Systems

The Highland Tank Solids Control Unit (HT-SCU) is designed to protect the downstream storage components for storm/rainwater management systems. The HT-SCU technology removes sediment and other contaminants from parking lots, roof decks, and most hard surfaces. Read more about the…

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Aboveground Oil/Water Separators

Rectangular oil/water separators can be installed aboveground to help industrial facilities comply with the EPA's spill and discharge regulations.  Like our cylindrical units, these separators are equipped with our non-clogging Corella® coalescers that accelerate the separation process and greatly reduce…

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Versatile Systems Customized For Your Fueling Needs

Fuel dispensing applications range from small skid-mounted fuel tanks to large, fleet fueling operations. Based on fueling needs and tank capacity, Highland Tank can recommend the best fueling package for the site. Our fuel dispensing systems are enhanced with High-LINK®…

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Passive Grease Interceptors for FOG Removal

Passive Grease Interceptors (PGIs) are designed to prevent large quantities of sewer-clogging fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from entering the municipal wastewater treatment system.Highland Tank PGIs comply with state plumbing codes and EPA sewer pretreatment regulations. Click here to read…

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Tanks & Vessels for Fire Protection

In emergency fire fighting situations, the demand for water can exceed the supply available from the domestic water delivery system. This is especially true for suburban or rural areas served by a well with limited delivery capability. Tanks are a…

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New Fireguard® CSI Specifications

Highland Tank offers CSI specs written in accordance with MasterSpec Format for many of our products. We have  recently added CSI specs for our cylindrical Fireguard® tanks to our online spec database. Read more and view the specs here.  

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