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Complete Tank & Pump Systems for Secure Remote Fueling

Fuel dispensing applications range from small, portable fuel tanks to large fleet fueling operations, plus everything in between. Factors to consider for each fuel dispensing site include storage capacity, flow rate for convenient and easy dispensing and the available power source. Based on fueling and tank capacity, Highland Tank can configure a pump package suitable for a particular site. Our versatile systems can be customized to meet a range of fueling needs. All pump package systems include all the parts and pieces for a complete installation and can be delivered as assembled turnkey units on tanks up to 8’ in diameter or height.

Our fuel dispensing systems can be enhanced with the High-LINK® Integrated Systems equipment for accurate and secure fuel management. These pump packages are designed for compatibility with all gasoline and diesel blends. We can also accommodate other fuel types and dispensing of multiple fuels from multi-compartment tanks. Pump systems can also include fire-protected tanks, fire suppression equipment and video monitoring for safe, worry free fueling.

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