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Fleet Fueling with Autogas

Autogas is a “green” fuel as it decreases CO2 emissions compared to petroleum.  Autogas use is on the rise in the United States. Many public transportation systems are integrating autogas for the fuel cost savings and environmental benefits. There are currently hundreds of thousands of fleet vehicles running on propane autogas in the U.S. The reasons? Implementation costs don’t break the bank and operating cost savings are immediate. More vehicles run on autogas in the U.S. than any other alternative fuel. Highland Tank’s LPG vessels are designed and constructed to ASME, Section VIII, Division I and NFPA 58 “Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code” for stationary use vessels. Standard vessel sizes for industrial and commercial bulk uses range from 3,900 to 60,000 gallons. LPG vessels are constructed using SA516 Grade 70 steel, employing full-penetration butt welds on all seams.




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