High-LINK® Integrated Systems - Fuel Shield Module:

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High-LINK Integrated Systems
Fuel Shield is the most innovative robust and accurate wireless automated fuel management system for mechanic and electronic pumps. Eliminates unauthorized fuel dispensing and fuel fraud with secure vehicle identification. Designed for stationary commercial, retail and mobile applications.

Accurately track every fuel transaction with vehicle and driver ID, fuel type, amount, cost, date, and time. Manage Fuel Transportation, Fuel Receipt, Fuel Dispensing and Fuel Consumption over a single easy to use application platform. Increase fuel usage efficiency. Generate accurate fuel consumption reports.

Secure and convenient multi-user web dashboard platform provides full visibility of your operation from any site, any time, anywhere. Over 50 Standard reports with user customizable options. Multiple filtering capabilities for big data analysis. Designed to interface to any ERP, Accounting or Maintenance Software.