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Complete Highland Tank Stormwater Management Systems

In its simplest form, the concept of the Highland Tank Storm Water Management System can be broken down into three areas of impact: Quality Control (Pollution) - Pretreatment Systems, Quantity Control (Overflow) - Storage Systems, Stream Channel Protection (Erosion) -…

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Storage Tanks Power Mission Critical Facilities

Continuous and uninterrupted power is the lifeblood of any “mission critical” facility. Highland Tank HighGuard fuel storage tanks are commonly used for below-ground installations. For aboveground installations, Highland Tank’s UL 2085 FIREGUARD® storage tanks are typically used to provide fuel…

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Passive Grease Interceptors for FOG Removal at New Food Plaza

Passive grease interceptors (PGI) help food service establishments and production facilities comply with state  plumbing codes and EPA sewer pretreatment regulations. They are designed to prevent large quantities of sewer -clogging fats, oils, and grease (FOG) from entering the municipal…

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Titan® Tanks

The TITAN® is a technologically advanced underground storage tank This breakthrough technology in underground storage tank protection involves bonding, at every opening, a high molecular weight (HMW) polymer outer tank to a steel inner tank using high heat and pressure.…

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Vertical Storage Tanks Maximize Indoor Product Storage

A key part of Highland Tank’s mission is to develop long-term partnerships with our clients to work with them to solve their storage tank and process vessel needs. Highland Tank’s vertical aboveground storage tanks help maximize the amount of product…

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Oil/Water Separators for Data Centers

To assist with the SPCC plan and storm water runoff compliance at a data center, the design engineer selected Highland Tank’s 1-HTC-25,000 gallon and 2-HTC-40,000-gallon underground UL-2215 approved and labeled oil water separators. Read more here.

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Point Of Use Automatic Grease Interceptors

Highland Tank offers the industry's widest selection of grease interceptors for interior, exterior, aboveground, or buried applications. Our automatic grease interceptors are designed to reduce costly maintenance fees. Read more here.

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New Video: Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Highland Tank's High-DRO® Rainwater Harvesting Systems collect, store, and reuse rainwater. Check out our new video in the How It Works series featuring our turnkey Rainwater Harvesting Systems. See video here.

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