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Stormwater is Going Green

With the "GREEN" movement, the use of retention/detention, first flush technology and rainwater harvesting has become more widespread to reduce the environmental impact of development and population growth, especially in municipalities with finite water resources. LEED architects, engineers and builders have long recognized Highland Tank's protected steel water tanks for their strength, durability and functionality. With the addition of our new HighDRO®-Pure systems, we are continuing our commitment to protect the environment and conserve our precious natural resources to benefit our world today and tomorrow.
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Large Manufacturing Company Completes New Multi-Million Dollar Distribution Center Using Highland Tank Products

A recently completed auto care products manufacturing facility required a new wastewater treatment system and three new 10,000 gallon horizontal UL-142 double-wall aboveground petroleum/chemical storage tanks that would ensure full compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Highland Tank’s team of sales and engineering professionals offered assistance throughout the design, manufacturing, and delivery phases of this exciting project.
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New Product: HighDRO® Decontamination Wastewater Storage Tanks

Decontamination wastewater is wastewater generated as a result of decontamination activities performed at medical facilities that may contain CBRN substances. Decontamination tanks are holding and storage tanks for CBRN or HazMat Decontamination at military, healthcare, first responder, and industrial facilities.
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New Wastewater Storage Tank Designs Spur Fire Safety Innovation

Hospital and medical center fire protection system designs present unique challenges to plumbing engineers due to the sensitivities of the hospital environment. Hospitals are often heavily populated with people and expensive equipment. For those reasons and more, it is essential for hospitals to have a reliable water storage tanks for fire protection in place in case of a fire.
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Underground Propane Vessels

Underground Propane Vessels provide fuel for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and agricultural equipment including: fleet vehicle fueling by school districts, government agencies, and transport companies, indoor lift machinery, farm heating, vehicle fuel, crop drying, pest control, standby electric generators, appliances for heating, cooling, and hot water, ranges, clothes dryers, fireplaces, heat pumps, barbeque grills and swimming pools. Highland Propane tanks are designed and constructed to ASME, Section VIII, Division I and NFPA 58 "Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code" for stationary use vessels. Standard vessel sizes for industrial and commercial bulk uses range from 3,900 to 60,000 gallons.
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High’s Chooses Highland’s Titan®

The Titan® is an excellent option for convenience stores. They are available in standard sizes ranging from 5,000 to 29,600 gallons, and the tanks can be single or multiple compartments.
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High-LINK® Integrated Systems

Highland Tank is now enhancing the intelligence of our products with integrated monitoring systems. Our new High-LINK™ integrated systems couple superior steel tank products with state-of-the-art electronic management devices and software, providing real-time data to optimize any liquid transfer and use operation.
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Oil/Water Separators for Airport Expansions

Highland Tank's Oil/Water Separator systems were specified on each phase of the airport project to satisfy the Airport's National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. Highland Tank's Oil/Water Separators meet the Underwriter's Laboratories, Inc. UL-2215 for design, construction, and performance standards for engineered Oil/Water Separators.
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