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Chlorine Contact Tank: How It Works

Chlorine is the primary disinfectant used across the United States for surface water and ground water systems. Chlorination is the addition of chlorine (CI₂) to water to form hypochlorous acid (HOCI). Benefits of chlorination include strong oxidizing powers, taste and…

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Virtual Seminars & Meetings

At Highland Tank, we are working to facilitate conversations and opportunities to answer questions with virtual meetings and webinars. You can maintain social distance while discussing projects with our team. We offer engineering seminars that can be presented as a…

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Fuel Dispensing & Fuel Management Systems

Fuel dispensing applications range from small, portable fuel tanks to large fleet fueling operations, plus everything in between. Highland Tank's versatile fueling systems can be customized with the right quipment to meet a wide range of fueling needs. Read more…

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Oil/Water Separators: Corella® Plate Technology

Each Highland Tank oil/water separator is individually engineered to specific applications and job-site requirements to maximize performance. The Corella® is our latest design enhancement to our oil/water separation technology.To learn more about this unique technology from Highland Tank please click…

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Automatic Grease Interceptors

Automatic grease interceptors are designed to skim trapped fats, oils, grease into an adjacent grease storage tank on a daily basis. Highland Tank offers a variety of options to ease the installation and maintenance of the grease interceptor. Read more…

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Emergency Services Storage Systems

In some cases, emergency water storage is required when municipal water may not be available, like during natural disasters, pandemics and crisis situations. Most of these events come with no warning. Preparation, planning and implementation for an uninterruptible water supply…

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Managing Energy Costs with Fuel Storage Tanks

Many mission critical facilities rely on dual fuel applications for their operations. Fuel storage tanks play an important role in offsetting the cost of regulated utilities, especially during times of peak demand. Read more.

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GreaseStopper®: A Solid Solution to Eliminating Grease

Food service establishments and production facilities generate fat, oil, and grease (FOG) that can build up over time and restrict the flow of wastewater through the drainage system. Cities often have limited options available for grease abatement due to zero-property…

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Series G Oil/Water Separator for Maintenance Facility

Highland Tank offers several configurations of oil/water separators. The Series G Oil/Water Separator features an integral sand interceptor compartment on the inlet of the separator to permit sand and gravel to settle out before the wastewater enters the separation chamber.…

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