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Advanced Filtration Systems for Zero Discharge Facilities

Some power facilities are designed as zero-discharge facilities. To meet these requirements Highland Tank Oil/Water Separators are combined with an Advanced Hydrocarbon Filtration Skid. This type of system is designed to treat the utility company's wastewater and provide an effluent…

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Rainwater Harvesting Measuring, Monitoring, and Management

Designing and building an efficient rainwater harvesting system starts and ends with the ability to measure, monitor, and manage every aspect of the system. Highland Tank understands this challenge and has developed High-LINK® to ensure that efforts to conserve and…

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Highland Tank Grease Interceptors

Grease interceptors are required by plumbing codes and pretreatment programs. Highland Tank offers several types of grease interceptors for a variety of applications and AHJ requirements. We can help with your applications with zero lot lines, mixed retail, or in…

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Modular Rainwater Management

Highland Tank offers a two-prong approach to storm water best management practices. Who would have thought years ago that the storm water infrastructure could be a municipality’s biggest asset besides its potable water system? That’s right, storm water is going…

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A Variety of Grease Interceptors for a Variety of Applications

Highland Tank is the premier manufacturer of various types of grease interceptors. Our offering includes traditional manual grease interceptors, GreaseStopper® automatic grease interceptors, passive grease interceptors, and a 100 GPM hydromechanical grease interceptor. Click here to read the article.

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Fuel Storage Tanks for Mission Critical Facilities

Tanks play an important role at mission critical facilities in enabling the facility to function efficiently, effectively, and continuously. Highland Tank supplies diesel storage tanks for backup power generators, water storage tanks for redundant water supply, and thermal energy storage…

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New 100 GPM Hydro-Mechanical Grease Interceptor

Highland Tank is proud to introduce our 100 GPM hydro-mechanical grease interceptor, the HM-100-93. These grease interceptors are designed to function as central grease interceptors in lieu of multiple smaller units installed at fixtures. The HM-100-93 was recently tested at…

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Domestic Water Storage for Emergencies

There are many benefits to using storage tanks to meet onsite water storage needs, including emergency water storage. In some cases, emergency water storage is required to accommodate times when municipality water may not be available, like during a natural…

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Customized Tanks with Insulation Systems

Built to face the cold! Highland Tank's Insulation Systems accommodate the harshest weather. Highland Tank fabricates and insulates steel tanks for a wide variety of applications. Thermal insulation is applied to tanks to help reduce energy  costs associated with heating…

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