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Customized Tanks with Insulation Systems

Built to face the cold! Highland Tank’s Insulation Systems accommodate the harshest weather.

Highland Tank fabricates and insulates steel tanks for a wide variety of applications. Thermal insulation is applied to tanks to help reduce energy  costs associated with heating or maintaining heat in products like heavy fuel oil, resins, and asphalt binders. One method for insulating tanks is an injected insulation system.

This system includes:
• A complete 360º second wrap, steel skin
• Interstice is injected with a special time-activated foam insulating material that  expands to completely fill all voids and eliminate air pockets

A power utility in Minnesota opted for this injected insulation system on their new tank. The utility needed a 50,000 gallon vertical storage tank to store fuel for a boiler system. The boiler is being converted from coal to renewable fuel (biomass). The tank is a double-wall tank with a larger diameter and shorter height to fit in the allotted space  at the utility site. The interior tank was constructed of stainless steel to be compatible with renewable fuel oil.

Renewable fuel oil is a homogeneous, organic liquid obtained from the thermal conversion of biomass. It’s a water-soluble, oxygneated fuel consisting of “depolymerized” components of wood, paper, or other biomass. The pH is usually around 3.0. Because of the inherent properties of renewable fuel oil, the preferred material for construction, tanks, piping, valves, etc. is stainless steel. Temperature control for heating and/or cooling is also recommended.

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