Mobile Tanks featuring High-LINK® Integrated Systems:

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High-LINK Integrated Systems
Highland Tank's bulk storage drums and skid tanks are easily moved when empty. They are ideal for fuel storage at remote locations. Supports or skids stabilize the tank and maintain a fixed elevation for easy inspection. Double-wall construction provides an extra layer of protection when the tanks are used in industrial or construction applications. Because of the mobility of these tanks, which can result in tanks in remote locations such as construction sites, the Level and Track management systems are important tools designed to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.
System Features
• Wireless remote monitoring allows for volume monitoring, temperature monitoring, and delivery verification
• Prevent fuel waste or theft with RFID that stops pumping the second the nozzle is removed from the tank
• Save time with exact fuel consumption reports for each time fuel is dispensed
• RFID tags provide GPS tank location tracking
• Utilizing solar-powered controllers saves on operating costs